Oreo Choco Crème


After dunking our way into hearts with the classic vanilla flavor, we’re taking taste buds on yet another delightful journey with the Oreo Choco Crème. The Oreo Choco Crème sandwich has a thin crispy dark chocolate biscuit on the outside, with a deliciously rich and smooth dark choco crème filling on the inside. Making it a ‘Double Double Chocolatey’ snack that’s totally irresistible and totally guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.



  • Oreo Choco Crème Confusion - May 2013Ever wondered what is more chocolatey? Cookie or crème…or is it…simply the crème…or actually the cookie. What do you think?
  • Oreo Choco Crème - Oct 2012The Oreo Choco Crème is here to delight Oreo and chocolate fans alike. Enjoy the ad and then enjoy the Oreo Choco Crème.

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A Double Double Chocolatey Confusion

From promoting the Choco Crème Confusion film to creating mouth-wateringly delicious posts; here’s how we got the country debating over the chocolatey confusion.

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