Oreo Orange Crème


Take your taste buds on a deliciously thrilling ride with the new Oreo Orange Crème. Its velvety orange crème and crisp chocolatey shells make it a delectable combination; one you’ve never experienced before. So what are you waiting for? Go on and indulge yourself on this new irresistible delight.



  • Missed Flight- May 2013Orangey crème perfectly blends with chocolatey shells to give you the delicious new Oreo Orange Crème. Bite into one, but we bet you won’t enjoy eating it alone.

Oreo Besties

The launch of the new Oreo Orange Crème was a celebration of all things besties. Best friends, best moments, best selfies, best relationships and of course one of the best combinations – delightful orange and lip-smacking chocolate.