Oreo Strawberry Crème


If Oreo Choco Crème left you wondering whether the cookie was more chocolatey or the cr��me, then get ready for an all new experience. The Oreo Strawberry Crème. It is very chocolatey and very strawberry. So open a pack. Twist, lick, dunk. And get ready to give in to a delicious combination of two delightful flavors.



  • Oreo Strawberry Chocolatey- Sept 2013It’s a delightful new combination. It’s very chocolatey, very strawberry and a very, very endearing way to wish a loved one.

Very Chocolatey. Very Strawberry.

To celebrate the launch of Oreo Strawberry Crème, we set out to paint the town choco-pink. With activities like #ChocoPink, where fans posted pictures that best described their ChocoPink moment, and posts that celebrated other great combinations. It was very chocolatey, very strawberry and very delightful.